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 The front entrance of Zweibrucken Air Base base taken in June 2005

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<Welcome to the website of RRJohnsonJr. Here you will find pictures of Zweibrucken Air Base and the Kreuzberg Kaserne taken over the last few years. I am happy and proud to have served with all the men and women there. I will post pictures of some company parties where I work as well. Take a peek at the pictures, download them if you want and relive old wonderful memories. I would ask that you only download only 2 zip files per day to keep my bandwidth down. The downloads in the downloads tab above are recommended for download by broadband. However, if I get enough requests I will make some of the zip files smaller. Drop by anytime. Please give me a few weeks to get this site totally up, all photos posted, and running properly. I will keep posting a few zip files at a time until I feel everything is there.>
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November 2007: LIfe has been hectic but even so it's high time I made some comments here. I wanted to visit Zweibrucken this year but that will have to be postponed until 2008 or 2009. Lee Revier was kind enough to make contact with me and has sent me some pictures of the old air base. I think everyone will get a real kick out of these old pictures. They are now posted!



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